Lighting: Mac 2000, 600, 500, 300, 250+ High End Studio Spots, Technobeams, & Track Spots, Static Lights, ellipsoidals, source four pars, scoops cyc lights)
Rigging: Loadstar 1/2 & 1 ton motors, chain hoist, wire rope, shackles & clamps.
Truss: 12'x12'x5', 12'x12'x10', 12'x12'x12', corner-blocks, pre-rig truss.
Dimming: 4,12, 24 channel dimmers, 48 or 96 channel ETC sensor touring racks.
Controllers: universal controllers, HOG 500 and whole HOGS
Effects: foggers, hazers, snow machines, data flashes, confetti canons.
Other: multi-cables, feeder, distros, cable, ramps, generators, lifts.
There are many options when selecting the lighting for an event. Motion or intelligent lighting have many different effects in one. These lights are used to create the party atmosphere with strobes, light patterns, pulses and beams. Ideal for dance & stage.
Wether your looking to light a one time event or a permanent installation, you can be assured that not only will you get very competitive rates, but you'll also receive friendly professional service with an experienced representative to assess your needs.